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Construction Submittals

Construction submittals are written and/or physical information provided by a contractor to the owner or owners representative. This information is submitted to a construction manager’s design team for approval of the construction method, equipment and materials before construction can start and materials are fabricated and delivered to the project. Submittals can be presented in various formats, such as shop drawings, cut sheets on equipment, material properties and engineered construction drawings. Submittals are required primarily for the contract engineer to verify that the correct products and quantities will be installed on the project in compliance with the design documents/contract documents.

Stiver Engineering recognizes the importance of construction submittals and assists the contractors by informing the contract engineers about the construction process and methods required to complete projects. The submittals that the firm routinely completes include shoring, tunneling, anchorage, wind load analysis, seismic analysis, traffic control plans and alternative delivery methods. The submittal preparation performed by Stiver Engineering is not limited to the list mentioned above so please contact the firm if you are in need of any assistance regarding submittals or constructability analysis.

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