The city of Conroe, Texas, is building a $60 million Central Wastewater Treatment Plant that will be designed to handle up to 12 million gallons per day. Stiver Engineering provided design services for a 38-foot ID Lift Station for the new Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in Conroe, Texas. Our work included sinking calculations and the finite element analysis of the exterior walls and the caisson bottom slab.

Stiver Engineering provided structural analysis, foundation design and review of the shop drawings for a wastewater treatment plant expansion in Buda, Texas. A detailed finite element analysis of the steel circular structure was developed to perform critical stress and deflections checks.

Stiver Engineering responded to an emergency situation regarding a sinkhole beneath the control building at the Houston Water Control and Improvement District’s No. 47 wastewater treatment plant. The sinkhole, which was roughly 20 feet wide and 30 feet deep, was jeopardizing the building’s stability as well as the plant’s effluent line. Stiver proposed a solution to save the control building and keep the plant operational during construction. We developed and delivered a design and provided support to the material supplier and the contractor until project completion.

The Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority Rivanna Tunnel Project is located in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The project was design and constructed to help offset sewage overflow during heavy rainstorms.  The project includes the excavation for a new tunnel and building a new pump station that will sit on a site near RWSA’s Moores Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The 1,600-foot long, 11-foot diameter tunnel will stretch from an area near Riverview Park in Charlottesville’s Woolen Mills neighborhood to the RWSA property.  The new 60-inch sewer pipe and the pump station have the capacity to move 53 million gallons per day.  The tunnel, which was excavated through solid rock, is located at approximately 60 feet below the surface for a large portion of its length, around 85 feet or more at its deepest levels and approximately 30 feet at the most shallow points.

Stiver Engineering provided the contractor with construction consulting through a support system for the 60″ diameter Hobas Pipe during the grouting phase of the 11 ft. diameter tunnel.  Stiver Engineering provides pipe buoyancy calculations and pipe support design for contractors throughout the United States.


Stiver Engineering provided the structural designs for a wastewater treatment facility in Zapata, Texas. The plant included headworks with pumping, filters, chemical addition, settling, mixing, high service pumping, chlorination, and storage.