The Integrated Pipeline is a joint water supply project between Dallas Water Utilities and Tarrant Regional Water District. It involves building 150 miles of pipeline to transport up to 350 million gallons water daily from three East Texas Reservoirs into the Metroplex to increase reliable water access. The project recently reached a new milestone when the new tunnel under Trinity River was completed. Workers are now beginning to add 50‐foot sections of 108‐inch diameter steel pipe.

Stiver Engineering performed full design work for the IPL tunnel. The design/build project scope included construction of approximately 3,802 linear feet of 108‐inch water line including 2,614 linear feet of tunnel under the Trinity River and the remainder in deep open cut segments along the proposed alignment of Section 17.

Other aspects include tunnel launch and retrieval portals/shafts, deep open cut approach ramps with temporary shoring at approximately 12:1 slope, pipe laying within approach ramps and tunnel initial support, pipe encasement with flowable fill and reinforced concrete, tunnel grouting, a 15.6‐foot diameter custom designed tunnel boring machine, and precast segmental tunnel lining.

This project specified the installation of 510 feet of electrical duct bank in the Houston Medical Center in Houston, Texas. To complete the project, we provided the client with construction consulting through a 42-inch by 48-inch wood box tunnel design. Stiver Engineering provides wood box tunnel designs to clients across the country that vary in size and cover.

A client requested construction consulting assistance in the installation of supply and return piping beneath Memorial Circle on Texas Tech University’s campus in Lubbock, Texas. Stiver Engineering designed a shoring system using soldier piles, steel plates, timber lagging, a wale set, and cross struts. We also designed three concrete vaults and the steel pipe support structures to support piping and provide access along the length of the tunnel.

Stiver Engineering was hired to assist in construction consulting through shoring and excavation for the installation of the Scott Street pump station. We designed the soldier pile and timber lagging shoring and the reinforced concrete ring beams to support the soldier piles. The shoring system included w-section soldier piles, horizontal timber lagging, and reinforced concrete ring beams.

Stiver Engineering often provides clients with construction consulting through liner plate shaft, ring beam, and timber lagging shaft designs. Depending on the project, these services can also include portal designs and thrust block designs.