Stiver Engineering provided critical design services and analyses for a process water treatment facility at HEB’s warehouse complex on Space Center Drive in San Antonio, Texas. Our work encompassed pipe support designs and analysis, CMU block wall designs, and foundation designs for the operations building and the canopy structure. The pipe support designs included thermal, gravity, seismic and thrust analysis for the process piping, overhead pipe support structures, and a 43.5-foot-tall pipe support tower between process tanks. Multiple CMU block walls were designed for the operations building. Foundation designs were for the operations building, canopy structure, slabs for rolling dumpsters and a foundation design for the pipe supports.

Stiver Engineering was asked to provide a crane lifting plan for lifting an expansion joint for the Fred Hartman Bridge located over the Houston Ship Channel. As the combined weight of the heavy-duty crane and the expansion joint exceeded the optimum load rating of the bridge, Stiver Engineering came up with a frame design that was placed under the crane outrigger pads to distribute the loads efficiently. Due to the limited work area Stiver Engineering proposed the lifting and installation of the expansion joint to be carried out in three stages.

As part of the ongoing Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion project in Houston, Stiver Engineering was asked to provide a pulley system to pick up and place 108-inch-diameter pipe sections which weighed more than 20,000 pounds. An I-beam frame was provided to help with the lifting process. Finite element analysis was performed to size the beam and connections. An anchorage design for the frame was also provided using three alternatives that best fit the client’s needs. The frame was designed so the client could easily assemble/disassemble it as necessary.

Stiver Engineering provided structural analysis, foundation design and review of the shop drawings for a wastewater treatment plant expansion in Buda, Texas. A detailed finite element analysis of the steel circular structure was developed to perform critical stress and deflections checks.

Stiver Engineering performed analysis and design work for rock anchors and HSS steel frames for a 44.5-inch diameter pipe support inside a 96-inch diameter tunnel. The supports were designed for critical load combinations generated from buoyant forces and self-weight of the pipe.