As part of the City of Pasadena’s Golden Acres Wastewater Treatment Plant Renovation Project, Stiver Engineering was requested to provide engineering services for designing a steel frame platform over the plant lift station. These services included structural drawings and calculations for grating, pipe supports, anchorage and handrail design. Detailed analysis was performed on the platform for various load cases and an efficient design was provided. Additionally, Stiver Engineering provided all the connection details along with handrails and anchor bolt design. To factor in transportation and handling logistics, Stiver Engineering provided a design where the proposed platform could be transported in two pieces and assembled on site.

Stiver is proudly supporting the Ashbridge’s Bay Treatment Plant Outfall. This $300 million project for the City of Toronto will replace the current outfall tunnel, which is at the end of its service life. It is set to be the largest wastewater outfall in Canada. The project includes a 16-meter diameter shaft by 85-meter deep, a 3.5-kilometer TBM excavated tunnel that has a 7-meter ID and precast concrete segmental lining. We are providing riprap placement plans for the riser sections on the lakebed. These cages will be placed at the bottom of Lake Ontario and will be guided in place by divers. The riprap baskets will be installed around each of the fifty – 1-meter diameter risers that extend from the tunnel to the lakebed. Learn more about this project in Tunnel Business Magazine:

As part of a 108-inch transmission waterline project along Esplanade Boulevard between Imperial Valley Drive and Green Plaza in Houston, Stiver Engineering provided a custom lifting plan for the bottom elbow of the waterline at one of our shaft designs. The fitting had to be lifted and held in place while it was welded to the carrier pipe in the tunnel.

Stiver Engineering provided critical design services and analyses for a process water treatment facility at HEB’s warehouse complex on Space Center Drive in San Antonio, Texas. Our work encompassed pipe support designs and analysis, CMU block wall designs, and foundation designs for the operations building and the canopy structure. The pipe support designs included thermal, gravity, seismic and thrust analysis for the process piping, overhead pipe support structures, and a 43.5-foot-tall pipe support tower between process tanks. Multiple CMU block walls were designed for the operations building. Foundation designs were for the operations building, canopy structure, slabs for rolling dumpsters and a foundation design for the pipe supports.

Stiver Engineering was asked to provide a crane lifting plan for lifting an expansion joint for the Fred Hartman Bridge located over the Houston Ship Channel. As the combined weight of the heavy-duty crane and the expansion joint exceeded the optimum load rating of the bridge, Stiver Engineering came up with a frame design that was placed under the crane outrigger pads to distribute the loads efficiently. Due to the limited work area Stiver Engineering proposed the lifting and installation of the expansion joint to be carried out in three stages.