The 341st Training Squadron, located in San Antonio, Texas, provides trained military working dogs and handlers for the Department of Defense, as well as other government agencies and allies. The squadron aims to be a world leader in procurement, training, veterinary care and distribution of military working dogs and their handlers. As part of that goal, the squadron commissioned the construction of new housing structures to provide world-class facilities for the animals.

Stiver Engineering provided structural engineering services for the design of the foundations, structural steel and precast kennels for the nine war dog housing buildings.

The Integrated Pipeline is a joint water supply project between Dallas Water Utilities and Tarrant Regional Water District. It involves building 150 miles of pipeline to transport up to 350 million gallons water daily from three East Texas Reservoirs into the Metroplex to increase reliable water access. The project recently reached a new milestone when the new tunnel under Trinity River was completed. Workers are now beginning to add 50‐foot sections of 108‐inch diameter steel pipe.

Stiver Engineering performed full design work for the IPL tunnel. The design/build project scope included construction of approximately 3,802 linear feet of 108‐inch water line including 2,614 linear feet of tunnel under the Trinity River and the remainder in deep open cut segments along the proposed alignment of Section 17.

Other aspects include tunnel launch and retrieval portals/shafts, deep open cut approach ramps with temporary shoring at approximately 12:1 slope, pipe laying within approach ramps and tunnel initial support, pipe encasement with flowable fill and reinforced concrete, tunnel grouting, a 15.6‐foot diameter custom designed tunnel boring machine, and precast segmental tunnel lining.

Due to a number of issues, there was a 1.1-mile gap in the Trail at Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas. Along this gap, visitors had to divert onto the narrow sidewalk and travel along busy Riverside Drive, crossing six lanes of I-35 access roads to travel east or west and use the south side of the trail.  There are currently 3,000 to 15,000 people using this trail every day of the year. The client retained Stiver Engineering provided structural design through design review services for the construction of each of the boardwalk precast sections.  

Stiver Engineering reviewed the design of more than 2,300 different shaped precast panels that were required to complete the trail. This process included the analysis of the reinforced concrete panels for lifting, transporting, and installation.

Stiver Engineering provided construction consulting through a local precast manufacturer with a precast building design. The building, located in Houston, Texas, was designed to be delivered to the site as an assembled structure or as individual precast panels to be assembled onsite, and we designed lifting hooks for installing the panels and roof.

The Centerpoint project, in Houston, Texas, required the design of two electrical junction boxes. Stiver Engineering provided structural design by designing two reinforced concrete precast boxes for very specific loading conditions, earth pressures, hydrostatic pressures, surcharge loading conditions, and buoyant forces. We also designed lifting hooks for installing the boxes and pulling eyes for installing the electrical lines between the boxes.