As part of the City of Pasadena’s Golden Acres Wastewater Treatment Plant Renovation Project, Stiver Engineering was requested to provide engineering services for designing a steel frame platform over the plant lift station. These services included structural drawings and calculations for grating, pipe supports, anchorage and handrail design. Detailed analysis was performed on the platform for various load cases and an efficient design was provided. Additionally, Stiver Engineering provided all the connection details along with handrails and anchor bolt design. To factor in transportation and handling logistics, Stiver Engineering provided a design where the proposed platform could be transported in two pieces and assembled on site.

The City of Houston has spearheaded the Northgate Regional Lift Station project as part of its plan to reduce operational and maintenance costs by consolidating 39 wastewater treatment plants and more than 380 lift station facilities. As a result, the project will decommission the Imperial Valley Wastewater Treatment Plan, which handles 4 million gallons of water per day.

As part of the Northgate project, Stiver Engineering successfully delivered to the contractor an expedited alternate design for a 70-foot-deep caisson. Stiver performed a detailed finite element analysis, and the structure was checked against various load cases. We designed the outer shell along with the interior partition wall, bottom slab and the top slab.

The design was performed and checked for each phase of construction, including casting, sinking, and installing the bottom slab, the partition wall and the top slab. Each condition was analyzed and optimized to provide the field crews with a more normalized rebar pattern and installation procedure.

The city of Conroe, Texas, is building a $60 million Central Wastewater Treatment Plant that will be designed to handle up to 12 million gallons per day. Stiver Engineering provided design services for a 38-foot ID Lift Station for the new Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in Conroe, Texas. Our work included sinking calculations and the finite element analysis of the exterior walls and the caisson bottom slab.

Stiver Engineering prepared a caisson cutting edge design for a wastewater lift station replacement project in Redmond, Washington. In addition to the caisson cutting edge design, Stiver performed skin friction calculations for the pour heights and proposed wall thickness to check the safety factor for sinking.

Stiver Engineering was retained to provide structural design through a contractor with two caisson designs for the City of Charleston, South Carolina. We designed the reinforced concrete structures to be poured in lifts and sunk into the earth until the cutting edge of the caisson reached the design elevation. Our engineers also provided the client with a braking system design that could be activated if the caisson had difficulty stopping at the design elevation.

Stiver Engineering provided both mechanical and structural plans to the contractor for construction.