Stiver Engineering provided critical design services and analyses for a process water treatment facility at HEB’s warehouse complex on Space Center Drive in San Antonio, Texas. Our work encompassed pipe support designs and analysis, CMU block wall designs, and foundation designs for the operations building and the canopy structure. The pipe support designs included thermal, gravity, seismic and thrust analysis for the process piping, overhead pipe support structures, and a 43.5-foot-tall pipe support tower between process tanks. Multiple CMU block walls were designed for the operations building. Foundation designs were for the operations building, canopy structure, slabs for rolling dumpsters and a foundation design for the pipe supports.

Stiver Engineering provided a wide array of land development services for a contractor’s headquarters and operations yard on Luthe Road in Houston, Texas. Our work included plans for drainage, grading, landscaping, paving, stormwater pollution prevention, traffic control, and aggregate storage. We also created designs for a truck washout, drilled shaft foundations for concrete batch plant storage tanks and a steel canopy building structure, a hopper ramp with spread footings and a hopper slab foundation with drilled shafts.

Stiver Engineering was retained to provide structural design through a reinforced concrete foundation design for the hydrotest machine and the steel building that covers the machine in Houston, Texas. We designed the machine foundation as a pit to capture and provide water storage for the reuse of water during the testing procedure. The reinforced concrete pit is 47 feet by 12.5 feet by 13 feet deep.

Stiver Engineering was retained by the client to provide structural design through a foundation design for a 1,500-ton cable carousel that was located adjacent to the Houston, Texas Ship Channel. We provided a foundation design that consisted of 52-24 inch diameter steel piles, which were filled with concrete in order to provide enough section to prevent pile failure in the soft soil.

This project required steel fabrication, sandblasting, and painting for two buildings on a 35-acre property located in Northeast Harris County. Stiver Engineering provided structural engineering through designing the building foundations for loads associated with steel fabrication, sandblasting, and painting, and the designs included drilled shaft design, grade beam design, building anchor bolt design, rail design for carrying fabricated steel through paint booths, and a slab on grade design.