Stiver Engineering provided a wide array of land development services for a contractor’s headquarters and operations yard on Luthe Road in Houston, Texas. Our work included plans for drainage, grading, landscaping, paving, stormwater pollution prevention, traffic control, and aggregate storage. We also created designs for a truck washout, drilled shaft foundations for concrete batch plant storage tanks and a steel canopy building structure, a hopper ramp with spread footings and a hopper slab foundation with drilled shafts.

The fire station project at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio involved a staging area to house an equipment storage facility, an enclosed administrative building person, a tire storage area, exterior lighting, a fire hydrant, a new motorized truck/trailer entrance, providing motorized capability to the existing truck/trailer entrance, and a new pedestrian entrance. The new motorized truck/trailer entrance required designing a proper support to cross a natural open storm water channel.

Stiver Engineering provided the contractor with construction consulting and structural engineering services for the design of the building foundation for the project.

Clients depend on Stiver Engineering to provide economical detention solutions for their development projects. We design dry bottom ponds, wet bottom ponds, and fire storage ponds throughout the State of Texas, and we routinely inspect detention ponds for as-built certification and annual certification. In addition, Stiver provides clients with floodplain mitigation solutions for properties located in the floodplain, and we design detention ponds for regional detention, master planned communities, industrial parks, and individual industrial or commercial sites.