Stiver Engineering provided a wide array of land development services for a contractor’s headquarters and operations yard on Luthe Road in Houston, Texas. Our work included plans for drainage, grading, landscaping, paving, stormwater pollution prevention, traffic control, and aggregate storage. We also created designs for a truck washout, drilled shaft foundations for concrete batch plant storage tanks and a steel canopy building structure, a hopper ramp with spread footings and a hopper slab foundation with drilled shafts.

Stiver Engineering responded to an emergency situation regarding a sinkhole beneath the control building at the Houston Water Control and Improvement District’s No. 47 wastewater treatment plant. The sinkhole, which was roughly 20 feet wide and 30 feet deep, was jeopardizing the building’s stability as well as the plant’s effluent line. Stiver proposed a solution to save the control building and keep the plant operational during construction. We developed and delivered a design and provided support to the material supplier and the contractor until project completion.

Stiver Engineering was retained to provide structural design through a reinforced concrete foundation design for the hydrotest machine and the steel building that covers the machine in Houston, Texas. We designed the machine foundation as a pit to capture and provide water storage for the reuse of water during the testing procedure. The reinforced concrete pit is 47 feet by 12.5 feet by 13 feet deep.

Stiver Engineering was retained by the contractor to provide construction consulting through an alternative design for Bents 8-11 of the Grand Parkway Segment E flyovers at the intersection of US 290 and the Grand Parkway in Harris County, Texas. We provided our client with a separate design for each bent foundation, which were designed as a single drilled shaft due to limited access adjacent to the existing lanes of US 290. We also provided the contractor with the structural designs and plans for submittal and construction of each drilled shaft.

One of our clients approached us with a need for site development services for the development of a 35-acre, raw land property located in Northeast Harris County, Texas that had no previous development. The services rendered for this project included existing drainage analysis, proposed drainage analysis, grading plans, ditch designs, culvert designs, and more. The building foundations were designed for loads associated with steel fabrication, sandblasting, and painting, and the designs included drilled shaft designs, grade beam designs, and building anchor bolt designs.

Stiver Engineering provided site development through permitting services for the client, and the project was permitted by Harris County.