The 341st Training Squadron, located in San Antonio, Texas, provides trained military working dogs and handlers for the Department of Defense, as well as other government agencies and allies. The squadron aims to be a world leader in procurement, training, veterinary care and distribution of military working dogs and their handlers. As part of that goal, the squadron commissioned the construction of new housing structures to provide world-class facilities for the animals.

Stiver Engineering provided structural engineering services for the design of the foundations, structural steel and precast kennels for the nine war dog housing buildings.

The fire station project at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio involved a staging area to house an equipment storage facility, an enclosed administrative building person, a tire storage area, exterior lighting, a fire hydrant, a new motorized truck/trailer entrance, providing motorized capability to the existing truck/trailer entrance, and a new pedestrian entrance. The new motorized truck/trailer entrance required designing a proper support to cross a natural open storm water channel.

Stiver Engineering provided the contractor with construction consulting and structural engineering services for the design of the building foundation for the project.

Stiver Engineering was retained to provide structural design through a reinforced concrete foundation design for the hydrotest machine and the steel building that covers the machine in Houston, Texas. We designed the machine foundation as a pit to capture and provide water storage for the reuse of water during the testing procedure. The reinforced concrete pit is 47 feet by 12.5 feet by 13 feet deep.

Stiver Engineering provided construction consulting through a local precast manufacturer with a precast building design. The building, located in Houston, Texas, was designed to be delivered to the site as an assembled structure or as individual precast panels to be assembled onsite, and we designed lifting hooks for installing the panels and roof.

This project required steel fabrication, sandblasting, and painting for two buildings on a 35-acre property located in Northeast Harris County. Stiver Engineering provided structural engineering through designing the building foundations for loads associated with steel fabrication, sandblasting, and painting, and the designs included drilled shaft design, grade beam design, building anchor bolt design, rail design for carrying fabricated steel through paint booths, and a slab on grade design.