Our Story

Stiver Engineering was founded to contribute to the tremendous growth across the state of Texas and to meet the growing needs of the state's contractors, industries and municipalities. For over 38 years, we have collaborated & consulted on the design and construction of a wide range of commercial, industrial, and technical facilities, making us one of the most experienced and responsive structural and civil engineering firms in Houston. Today, Stiver Engineering provides engineering services to contractors, municipalities, and private developers throughout the United States.

Our clients know they can count on our dependable and responsive service to fast-track their projects to completion. Our methods of operation help to assure cohesion, resolve conflicts, and strengthen operations, and we do our best to use our talents for the betterment of our community. We routinely work with architects, geotechnical engineers, MEP engineers, surveyors and contractors to provide clients a high-quality consulting service. We strive to integrate our values into everything we do, using them to engineer success for our clients each and every day.

image-team-primary1About Our Founder

Maury Stiver founded the company in 1980 , eight years after graduating from the University of Texas with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and a M.S. in Environmental Health Engineering. He has guided the company to success over the past four decades.

As a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers, a member of the Houston Contractors Association Board of Directors, and a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers, Maury’s professional accomplishments are second to none.

Maury’s son, John, now leads Stiver Engineering with the same values his father has instilled in the company from its inception.

We are driven by a passion for getting the job done. Every challenge presents an opportunity for innovation, and we embrace those challenges by engineering unique solutions that ensure our clients' success.

-John Stiver

Where We Work

  • Alabama Civil & Structural
  • Arizona Civil
  • Arkansas Civil & Structural
  • Colorado Civil & Structural
  • Connecticut Civil
  • Delaware Pending
  • D.C. Civil
  • Florida Civil & Structural
  • Georgia Civil & Structural
  • Hawaii Civil
  • Idaho Civil
  • Illinois Civil
  • Indiana Civil & Structural
  • Iowa Civil & Structural
  • Kansas Civil & Structural
  • Kentucky Civil
  • Louisiana Civil
  • Maine Pending
  • Maryland Civil & Structural
  • Mass. Pending
  • Michigan Civil & Structural
  • Minnesota Civil
  • Mississippi Civil & Structural
  • Missouri Civil & Structural
  • Montana Civil & Structural
  • Nebraska Civil
  • Nevada Civil
  • New Hamp. Civil
  • New Jers. Pending
  • New Mex. Civil & Structural
  • New York Civil & Structural
  • N. Carolina Civil & Structural
  • N. Dakota Civil
  • Ohio Civil & Structural
  • Oklahoma Civil & Structural
  • Oregon Civil
  • Penn. Civil & Structural
  • Rhode Isl. Civil
  • S. Carolina Civil
  • S. Dakota Pending
  • Tennessee Civil
  • Texas Civil & Structural
  • Utah Civil
  • Vermont Pending
  • Virginia Civil & Structural
  • Washington Pending
  • W. Virginia Pending
  • Wisconsin Pending
  • Wyoming Civil & Structural

Meet Our Team

John Stiver, P.E. / President

John graduated from Texas Tech University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer in 40 States.

John has worked on over 4,000 civil and structural engineering projects since joining the firm in 2005. Many of these projects include detailed civil and structural engineering design, project management, construction consulting and site development services for industrial and commercial projects.

  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • American Concrete Institute
  • Foundation Performance Association
  • Houston Contractors Association

Sharon Stiver
Financial Officer
David Davila, P.E.
Project Manager - Civil and Structural Engineering
Ali Hendiani, MSCE
Project Engineer - Civil and Structural Engineering/Land Development
Jawad Khalid, MSCE
Project Engineer - Civil and Structural Engineering
Hafizul Alim, MSCE
Project Engineer - Civil and Structural Engineering
Fahimul Islam, MSCE
Project Engineer - Civil and Structural Engineering
Michael Ramirez
Department Manager/CAD Technician III
Francisco Torres
CAD Technician II
Edwin Aleman
CAD Technician I
Alex Ramirez
CAD Technician I
Veronica Mata
Office Manager
Jessica Herrera
Assistant Office Manager
Scott Washburn
Accounting Manager